Fraud & Scam Alert


We have become aware of fraudulent offers and business propositions by people who introduce themselves as employees or representatives of DANALCLO. Such individuals have attempted to use our documentation, employees’ names and logos in order to cover authenticity and are generally seeking up-front fees and undue payments.

Frequently, these people use false documentation to lead people to believe that they are true representatives of DANALCLO. The commercial contracts and supporting documents appear normal and, in general, aim to obtain invoices and or email confirmations that could be used illegally in future business deals with other targets.

DANALCLO takes these matters seriously and has immediately notified the appropriate authorities to effectively address the issue.

This was brought to our attention, by one of our trusted partners, as DANALCLO has been black listed on and

A formal request, to have our name removed from the list, has been made to the owners of this site.

Whilst we generally support such attempts to expose fraudulent activity in the industry, it is worth noting that the contents of this site are not verified, in any way, and any one could end up on here without any just cause or, as with DANALCLO, not even any knowledge of it.

Our insistence to undertake real due diligence in our transaction has uncovered several fraudulent operators. Since the start of 2020 we have rejected in excess of 20 transactions due to fraudulent intent with fake tank farms, fake suppliers or both. We are sure in the process we have upset some individuals who thought they were heading for a nice bonus and as a result of this it has led to an attack on our company to try and defame our name.

Please be aware that you will never receive any of the following from DANALCLO or any genuine staff member of DANALCLO;

  • email communication from any email address other than
  • unsolicited offers to buy or sell any product
  • official documentation not signed by one of the 2 executive members along with the company stamp
  • any request for payment of whatsoever nature where the receiving account is not the official company bank account in Dubai

Please be aware that DANALCLO’s company name and identity is being used fraudulently in some instances and we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss suffered as a result of this.

If you have any doubt about any communication you have received relating to DANALCLO and you wish to receive confirmation please forward the correspondence to   You will receive a written reply from a senior executive within 48 hours confirming the authenticity of the communications and or documents.