About Us

Danalclo is a growing and diversified International Commodity trading company. Danalclo trades in various commodities including Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and other fuel Commodities. We represent both local and international buyers and suppliers who are sourcing/supplying commodities.
Our International clients and suppliers range from China through to America, Europe and Africa. Danalclo has a management team who have been involved in corporate finance and commodities for over twenty years and we believe we are well placed to meet the exacting requirements of both client and supplier requirements.
We strive for long term strategic relationships based on integrity, trust and transparency. Our objective is to build on our trusted name and expand our approach to create a worldwide network of client and supplier partners. Together with these partners we are building a network and creating synergy to enhance the value to all who are engaged.
Danalclo would welcome the opportunity to understand either your offer, as a supplier, or your requirements, as a client, in order that we can mutually agree the best way forwards and look towards a secure and lasting relationship that delivers on-going mutual benefit.

We welcome long term strategic business relationships and believe that working together builds relationships of trust. In a market ripe with fraudsters and time wasters, synergies are key to a successful and fruitful market.